May 9, 2017 Karl Mohr

I often explain that Middle school dances are among the most challenging events. There are a couple of reasons for this. Don’t get me wrong, we have a TON of fun Djing for young people! They get so into the music and are all about having a good time. Here are the main challenges.

  1. The venues are usually quite large: It takes a lot of power to fill a gym with sound! I actually built my system for weddings, but I expanded it to be able to live up to the demands of these young consumers.
  2. Music choices: We offer a wide range of music selections, and we take pride in being able to entertain folks from all age groups. Young people are the most in tune with the freshest trends. You MUST be up to date with your music library to satisfy the needs of middle school students!
  3. Lyrics: I actively screen each song to ensure that it is appropriate for the school functions. Some students will insist upon requesting songs that are absolutely not appropriate, even when clean versions are available. I won’t lose an annual job just to make the kids happy! I have plenty of music that does the trick without playing songs that are lewd.

Furthermore, every request must be played RIGHT NOW!!! It is funny how important this is to them. I always smile, and thank them for their request, even if I know I can’t play the song.

Despite these challenges, we still love performing DJ service for school dances across the state of NC. We will come back next year to Durham and perform this dance again next year, as we have done in previous years also. If you have some students you want to entertain for a prom, middle school formal, or elementary school function give us a call! We are very good at working with kids, and we always stick to music that will keep the adults happy also. Thanks to Durham School of the Arts for having us back again this year! We love how passionate your students are about music!!